Carwash for a Cause excel zelle markieren Saturday, June 17 is our annual fun, wet and shiny good time car wash fundraiser! Every year we pick one lucky charity that we donate to.
This year we are pleased to say we are donating to Calgary Outlink : Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity.
It’s Father’s day weekend so bring your dad out for a choreographed car wash and get your engines revving!
Tons to choose from, starting at $10 for a rinse, $20 for a wash $30 to add in hand drying and $40 for a choreographed wash! You know you don’t want to miss that!
We will have merch for sale, delicious treats right next door at Angel’s Drive In and of course nothing but smiles and water fun! Pray to the sun gods and come out and join us for a good cause.
How fun is that?!